Tim and Phil  Hanseroth (The Twins) are former members of the Fighting Machinists

Tim plays guitar

Phil plays bass

Tim and Phil are identical twins who are Seattle natives.

Tim and Phil, along with Brandi, co-produced Brandi's self-titled album

Tim and Brandi have matching tattoos

Tim and Phil were born on August 7th, making them Leos

Q & A with Tim Hanseroth

1.  Do you have any preshow rituals/traditions before going on stage?

i like to kick off my shoes and hum. if the venue is nasty, i just hum


2.  What's your biggest pet peeve?

   people who cut in lines....                   

3.   Do you have any hidden talents? What are they?


   i am master of the forklift..i can pick up a dime with a forklift.

4.  Favorite movie?

   the shawshank redemption

5.  Pirate or Ninja?



6.  Pancakes or waffles?


7.  What's your favorite Christmas/Holiday song?

   is that you santa claus?/ by louis armstrong


8.  Seeing that you all spend so much time together while being on tour, is there anything that 'bothers' you about each other after a while or do you get more annoyed with the daily grind of being on the road?

   ha ha... a true gentleman would never tell!

9.  If you weren't professional musicians, what other jobs/careers would you pursue?

   recording engineer/ producer 

10.  Do you ever pull pranks on each other? Any good ones?


 yeah, we always mess with each other.  one time josh and alex (our sound engineer) trashed and emptied our hotel room. i think they filled the tub with coffee and cranked the heat up all the way. they stole EVERYTHING and put it in the other room. that was the best one yet...i was really pissed. im still in therapy , but doctor says im getting better... not really


11.  What's the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you while performing?

in my old band, our drummer got in a fight with some drunk lady in the crowd. they started throwing beer and water bottles at each other....pretty lame 


12.  Have you ever pretended to be one another/switched places?



13.  Who/what are your musical influences?

   the ramones, the beatles, creedence clearwater revival, the who, cat stevens, queen, early mettalica, simon and garfunkel, the beach boys, bobby dylan, neil young, ac/dc, the melvins, elliot smith, ween...

14.  If you had to guess, how many times would you say people have come up to you and asked if you're related?

   that's easy.... exactly 13,472 times